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I’m maybe a week and a half late to the game. Hundreds of articles (amateur and professional alike), YouTube videos, and the rest of the lot already covered this topic. But let’s discuss Logan Paul’s controversial suicide video.

When these things make headlines, I typically don’t care. Another idiot C-List celeb did something to offend and make people jump onto their keyboards (or turn their camera on) to rant about why said person is a terrible shitbag. Before the Japanese Suicide forest vid became a hot topic all over the Internet, I had NO clue who the hell Logan Paul was. Couldn’t point the kid’s face out in a crowd if you offered me a million dollars. I had tried to search the original video on YouTube, but by the time I had been bombarded on social media about the issue enough to care, the video had been removed. Oh well. I get the gist. I didn’t even really wanna see a rotting hanging corpse to begin with. Plus, it’s incredibly disrespectful and I would feel guilty even providing the video my one view count.

Everyone else was ragingly apoplectic about the initial video, but I didn’t hop on the hate-band wagon until I saw a subsequent video posted on Facebook titled “Other Reasons why Logan Paul’s visit to Japan was Problematic.” Oh boy.

Punishing myself to sit through four minutes of a flat-faced American douchebag being a public nuisance in the most sophisticated and respect-based country in the world infuriated me. First off, ever since I was young, I adored Japanese culture. From the age of the Shogun to the age of Shonen Jump, I have always deeply admired the Japanese. And to see an utter buffoon be just a blatant asshole towards the Japanese public, really pissed me off. But my fury after viewing the video extends further than just being offended (oh Dear Lord, I’m writing a post for the Internet about being offended. I have become the very evil I’ve sworn to destroy) on behalf of the Japanese and for the decay of civility, I’m frustrated over these sorts of scandals because WE allow morons like the Paul brothers to get away with their obnoxious and demoralizing behaviour. Yes, I believe the point I’m arguing is quite straight forward. We, the viewing public, are solely responsible for monstrous ‘celebrities’ (in terms of the Paul’s, I use that term lightly litely.

Our interest in the obscene, the controversial, in quackery, gives provocateurs the platform to continue pushing the envelope until the boundaries of appropriateness are completely dissolved. If the Paul kids never got the giddy response from their YouTube subscribers each time they out-preformed their previous gimmick, they would had never received the pseudo-approval of producing the Japanese Suicide Forest video. So, I don’t actually blame Logan Paul. I liken it to an undisciplined dog who keeps digging holes in the backyard. If ya don’t reprimand the first few scratches in the grass, doggo will keep on digging his way to China. It’s not until doggo starts tearing up the flower garden (or the Japanese Suicide Forest) that we punish them. Doggo never foresaw the oncoming punishment. He did not know the flower garden was off limits. But what makes matters worse, in the case of public figures, we actually award their hole-digging with treats (money, views, headlines, etc).

Whether it’s mass-shooters, Donald Trump, or Harvey Weinstein, our interest (or silent indifference to them) allows them to get away with murder. The public tuned into Celebrity Apprentice and visited DT’s golf courses and stayed at his hotels. Mass shooters receive 48 hours of fame and news coverage on every media source imaginable with endless articles covering their back-stories with experts attempting to decipher what violation of the mind they suffered. For decades it was an open secret in Hollywood that Weinstein was a creep, but because of his power and status, Hollywood submitted to his behaviour.

And then of course, there are countless others in the media I could scrutinize on account of my personal bias. All I am saying is that maybe we should stop obsessing over every Instagram Star with ass-implants, rushing them followers by the millions, and maybe we’ll see the number of people suffering from body dysmorphia decline.

In other words, stop making the wrong people famous.

But, of course, this would require some sort of educational revolution and perhaps (for some of you) self-imposed discipline to not be titillated by idiocy.