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Some Place Better Than Here

It’s early summer, and in a small community on the central Jersey Shore, a black car screeches to a halt outside the Wright Bros grocery. Danny looks up from where he’s working at the carwash to see the driver rifle out of the car and chase a girl rushing into the store.

For some reason—fate perhaps or intuition—he decides to cross the lot and investigate. When he meets Mary, there is a great deal Danny doesn’t know, but he certainly knows that he’s been struck. For it’s like the keys to an old car had been dropped into his hands and is about to start the engine that will forever alter the outcome of their lives.

Some Place Better Than Here is a gritty, unflinching look at how we define family and come to grips with loss. It’s about growing up in a small town, following your dreams, and mapping out the uneven ground that often lays between love, friendship and sexual awakening.



Born and bred in the small town of St. Catharine’s Landen Wakil is a
multi-talented author and actor who has been drawn to the literary
community and the arts at an early age.

Originally launching as an author on the popular site Wattpad
(a platform for online storytelling), Wakil’s popularity on the site
motivated him to release his first novel, “Some Place Better Than Here.
” Wakil hopes the popularity of the novel online will resonate with readers
and invite them to share in the story of the novel’s characters Danny
and Mary. Some Place Better Than Here is his first novel.

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Local author Landen Wakil dropped off his new book - Some Place Better Than Here. Available in soft or hard cover.

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From a place called St. Catharines?

Don't worry, me too!

If you just so happen to live in that city, I am proud to announce that Craft Arts Market is now carrying signed copies of "Some Place Better Than Here!"

So, go grab your beer at Merch, fill yourself with some vegan sustenance from Rise, then head on down to Craft and grab SPBTH!

Support your local artists and artisan shops!
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